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We equip enterprise security operations teams with smart SIEM and SOAR tools that improve workforce efficiency and provide better, accelerated investigations and responses.

Why Logsign for Enterprises?

Benefits of Logsign Solutions

SIEM and SOAR platforms can be deployed easily and quickly with 400+ pre-defined integrations and 200+ pre-defined automations.


In addition, with the free plugin and 30-day onboarding services, different devices in your security infrastructure are integrated in 1 or 2 days, regardless of manufacturer or brand, allowing you to start using the platforms without any problems.

In line with getting complicated cyber-attacks, data theft and increasing legal regulations, the cost of possible damages is also increasing.


In this context, with the Logsign SIEM and SOAR platforms, it is possible to get a return on investment within a year. You can easily collect and store any data from any source, protect your data and assets, increase the efficiency of your teams with automation and reduce the response time (MTTR) to possible attacks.

We are always focused on technological developments and strengthening the cyber security posture of our customers by offering them smarter solutions.


We develop smart and state-of-the-art products that facilitate SOC operations. These products are infinitely scalable, expandable and easy to deploy in the big data infrastructure. In addition, they work in holistic harmony, both individually and together.

SIEM, SOAR, and TI solutions work together to provide a comprehensive defense environment for cyber security operation teams.


They save you time, resources, and provide faster and smarter threat detection and accelerated response.

Safeguard Your Operations With Value Added Services

In addition to the latest technology products, we provide a number of services that help users’ cyber security operations management and add value. We offer a 30-day onboarding service to ensure your SIEM and/or SOAR platforms are seamlessly deployed, your security tools are integrated, and that our platforms are up and running. With our support, there is no need to overthink anymore about how you’ll deploy and manage the platforms with an overwhelmed, limited number of analysts. We safeguard your operations with our Co-Managed services. Take advantage of our services to feel safe and secure. Deployment, log collection, monitoring, system health check, investigation, automation, response—we manage all operations together and stronger with Logsign Co-Managed SIEM and SOAR services.

We Support You. Be One of Our 500+ Happy Customers.

Addressing problems during deployment and use; improving maintenance, monitoring and analysis; reducing false positives; or creating new playbooks and bots are all necessary for you to use the platforms efficiently. Our competent and trained support team is available 24/7 to support you at any time.

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