Gartner Magic Quadtrant – Kaspersky Named Leader For Fifth Year!

Gartner Magic Quadtrant – Kaspersky Named Leader For Fifth Year!

Dear Customer,

Gartner has just published their 2016 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms.  Kaspersky Lab has been named a “Leader” for the fifth consecutive year.  This is a tremendous accomplishment. More so, for our region this is very important, because a lot of corporate customers refer to this report and want to have solutions from organizations mentioned in the magic quadrant.

The Gartner MQ is the “Crown Jewel” of all major vendor evaluations.  Its widely recognized as the most influential vendor evaluation for organizations seeking to evaluate IT products and services.  Gartner MQs are a primary tool used by our potential customers to short-list vendors.  Gartner’s opinions and recommendations carry unparalleled weight with technology buyers and influencers.

The Kaspersky profile included in the MQ has some very positive remarks that we should certainly leverage with customers and prospects.  For example;

  • Kaspersky Lab’s global market share continues to grow rapidly, along with its brand recognition. Gartner’s Kaspersky-related inquiries show an increase over previous years.
  • Kaspersky Lab’s Completeness of Vision score benefits from very good malware detection effectiveness as measured by test results, as well as its virtual server support, EMM, integrated application control and vulnerability analysis.
  • The malware research team has a well-earned reputation for rapid and accurate malware detection.
  • Kaspersky offers an impressive array of integrated client management tools, including vulnerability analysis, patch management and application control.
  • Kaspersky provides a broad range of functionality across Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android and virtual platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix, which will appeal to organizations wishing to consolidate vendor capabilities into one offering.
  • Kaspersky is a good candidate as a solution for any organization

As with all vendors, there are a list of “cautions” as well.  Ours are pretty benign compared to other vendors. Moreover, Gartner only lists 3 cautions for Kaspersky Lab while most other vendor have 5-7 cautions each.

Here is the press release published yesterday in global website: